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Christening when it comes to music preparation is perhaps of the most


A wedding is the most important social event for a couple. Surely, you have


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   Impress passersby and guests with music, lights, laser shows,

Sound Coverage That Has high Demands

yapartysu.gr sound entertainment

In yaPARTYsu we give complete solutions when it comes to sound coverage of events . We always operate with excessive respect and professionalism to make your event stand out.

Our qualified personnel combined with our extensive experience since 2004 in the field of sound and spectacle enables us to guarantee the perfect result for any event.

Our company has sophisticated infrastructure which enables us to create the appropriate acoustics and lighting in any space.

Prior to planning and delivering any music, sound, microphones and lighting coverage, we organise a meeting with the appointed music and sound expert so as to help you select the music and the playlists you desire in order for both you and your guests to be happy.

Our wide selection of DJs meets and satisfies all kinds of music requirements. Music bands and orchestras (from live traditional music to contemporary Greek and foreign) can give a special color to your event.

Up to this day our company has been responsible for the organization, sound and lighting of more than 2500 weddings and christenings, 850 professional event (opening ceremonies, conferences, and corporate events ) and 200 fashion shows and concerts.

For yaPARTYsu the sound coverage of events is a science and that’s how we treat it ...


Counting 16 years of experience in the field of sound and spectacle we have been responsible for over 2.500 wedding and christening events

Wedding DJ

All our DJs have many years of experience and ultimate professional education with impressive portfolios and music knowledge..


Over 200 fashion shows with perfect sound, light and general infrastructure coverage in all of Greece and abroad.