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Sound Event Coverage


The audio coverage of eventsand whatever it entails requiresproper planning,experienceand excellent infrastructureto achieve the best result.

In yaPARTYsu.gr we face each event with a different approach and with the appropriate equipment.For example we will not use the same speakers in a concert that is to take place outdoors for 10,000 people and a wedding in an indoors venue for 300 people.

The main factor of which an the success of an event depends upon is the design. So in our company we have specialized " Acoustic Performance Consultants " who with their many years of experience in the entertainment and music industry will provide for you or your companythe perfect audioand visual effect.

Our professionalism and our consistency, enables us to provide you with awritten guaranteeabout the final outcome of your event at the signing of an agreement with our company.

All our equipment like speakers,lights,dj consoles,platforms, stages,catwalks, etc. are for professional use and they have all the  necessary construction certificates and they undergo performance and control tests which they pass on a regular basis.In yaPARTYsu we operate with a sense of responsibility towards your audience and besides our interest to the exceptional audio and acoustics performance weensure the health (hearing and vision).That's why we have created asound performanceadvisory service in all events.

Further to theproper soundandmusic performance of an eventwe can provide you with an event planner if your event requires it or  has many themes and variations such as a fashion show with 10 designers.Also our technical team which may consist from 1 to 20 people depending on the size of your event will always be vigilant guards and will act and react at the right time in order to manage any unexpected happenings that might disrupt the sound effect.

The event’s music coverage  is a separate section of the event for which our company can offer many solutions through our expert musicians DJ’s,Orchestras,singersand Performers.During the planning phase we will organize meetings so that we can have a clear picture of the type of music you prefer so as to keep everybody happy in your event.In many cases if you wish we can create together the playlistby you appropriate advice to have a perfect result.