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Christening when it comes to music preparation is perhaps of the most difficult social events and it requires much attention and good design to create the perfect acoustics.

The requirements on such a gala vary depending on the day, time and the age of the audience that will attend. yaPARTYsu always gives priority to children’s and adults hearing safety and for this reason we have the most modern equipment such as (speakers, spotlights forlighting effects, consoles, etc.).

Of course they could not in any way derogate from the element of fun and that's why we always organize the celebration of christening based on the age diversity that exists in these events providing entertainment to children and adults.

Depending on the venue where the event will be held, much like in the wedding organization so in the christening, the key role is played by design in order to provide us with the perfect acoustics.

The music experts of the day (dj or orchestra) that you may have selected according to your own music taste will suggest to you the perfect playlist to satisfy both you and your guests.

Our company is always in the business of good customer service and perfect audio coverage of events will aim to suggest appropriate entertainers depending on the ages of the younger guests and the theme of your event (clown, childhood heroes, face painting, balloons, etc.).

As you can appreciate music, lighting and Sound coverage is not a simple case and we at www.yapartysu.gr treat it with the due importance.